The Student Leadership Programme

June 2014 Dinner

Westpac Chief Deposit’s free advice students can bank on.

Addressing the students from local State and Private schools who are enjoying the fruits of this pilot programme, inaugural participants in the Castle Hill Leadership Programme, Ms Gail Kelly, and CEO of Westpac provided sound advice to be a successful leader.

Dominic Perrottet, Member for Castle Hill and Minister for Finance, said he was ‘’immensely proud and delighted to listen to the pearls of wisdom from one of our nation’s leading and most influential business women.”

Ms Kelly’s address to the students was forthright yet friendly. She encouraged them to “Live a whole life, and make space for things that are important”.

This was the fifth dinner the students have had with some of Australia’s national treasures including the Police Commissioner and our former Prime Minister, Mr John Howard.

The theme of the dinner, held on Thursday 19th June, once again was on what makes a good leader but it was the first from a women’s perspective and Ms Kelly did not disappoint.

She provided a rare glimpse into what she considered vital in her own personal development stated with a good old fashioned motherly charm.

Ms Kelly said to be an effective leader she likes to implement her personal goals that she encourages in those she mentors namely:

Be in the moment.
Be ruthless in the way you prioritise your objectives.
Be generous-spirited in the way you live your life.
Be generous-spirited in the way you lead others.
Do what you love and love what you do.
Practice being a compassionate person to all.
Hold on to yourself and to your values and you will achieve milestones.
You need to be well-grounded and centred.
Be pragmatic and always remember to apologise for your mistakes then move on.
Remember too there is absolutely no space for a lack of authenticity – be true to yourself.

Finally a word of advice that could have come from that famous Kelly, American actor and dancer Gene Kelly, Gail beautifully said “You have to dance in the ballroom, but you also have to be at the balcony and observe the way you dance with others.”

Dominic Perrottet observed ‘’How fortunate are our young student to listen and learn from one so eloquent as this speaker they can bank on’’.