The Student Leadership Programme

July 2014 Dinner

Students of the Castle Hill Leadership Programme dine with Pat Farmer

Pat Farmer is an ultra-marathon runner, has raised millions of dollars for charities and has run around almost the entire globe on foot and represented the community of Macarthur as a Federal Member of Parliament. Pat raised his two children on his own after his wife suddenly passed away when they were very young but has shown a resilience and dedication to all facets of life that makes him a mentor to all young people.

The night was an inspirational evening for the students and focused on the importance of setting goals and achieving outcomes.

Hannah Muggeridge of William Clarke College said “as Year 12 students, running the marathon of the HSC, Pat Farmers philosophy about never giving up inspired us all to keep enduring through life’s challenges. A memorable quote from Mr Farmer was, “When you really want to do something, in your heart of hearts, you will find a way, but if you don’t want to do something, you will find an excuse.”

Pat reinforced the importance of showing strength in the face of adversity, ensuring that by focusing on the positives in a situation rather than the negatives, by setting goals and focusing on them, you can achieve anything.

Mr Perrottet said “It was a great opportunity to meet someone like Pat who has achieved so much in his life and has a wealth of life experiences. What I personally took from the talk was that nothing is too difficult or out of reach, certain tasks just require more work.”

“It was also pointed out that as Australian school children we are given every opportunity to succeed and make a difference. With extra opportunities such as the Leadership Programme there is really no reason that we cannot achieve and I think that this was a powerful message for the students.”